Mother Nature Strikes again!

At the Philippine Consulate Press Conference the other night in Downtown Los Angeles, I was really bothered to hear the details about the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred in the Philippines, on October 15, 2013. Often times, the public don’t see this situation happening from other countries because reports of these incidents are not reported  in our local news channels.

Out of the total affected, 66,373 families and 340,078 persons were displaced. A total of 53,337  houses were damaged in Cebu, Bohol, Negros Occidental (the island I was from), Iloilo, Siquijor and Guimaras. Seaports, airports, churches, government & public build ings, schools, hospitals, were also damaged in provinces of Bohol, Cebu, Iloilo, Negros Occidental, Siquijor and Leyte in Regions VI and VII.  There were 41 bridges and 18 roads that were affected. The provinces of Bohol and Cebu were declared under the State of Calamity!

Currently, ROMAH Foundation, Inc. in partnership with Philippine Disaster Relief Organization (PeDRO) are having a “5K Walk ForPeDRO”. This is going to be our 1st Annual Charity Event together.

The event will be held at Woodley and Balboa Park located at 6335 Woodley Avenue (Section 1) Van Nuys California, 91406.

Proceeds from the event on November 10, 2013 will benefit the victims and their families in the aftermath of this recent massive earthquake.  Hurry and join our WALKATHON today! For more details about registering to the event, please log in at

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“Back to School Night”

ROMAH Foundation, Inc. continually strives to find ways to better serve our community. Each year, we organize several helpful events to benefits the people in need and at the same time create avenues to promote small business in our local communities.

Working alongside the principal and our own research, we learned that Anatola Avenue Elementary School has so much potential and the entire educational staff, teachers and social workers,student aids, volunteers and more work tirelessly and competitively to maintain their school’s standard ratings and positive status in the community. However, the schools effort has been limited as their time is mostly focused in providing the best education to the students. To assist the situation, we, ROMAH Foundation, Inc. is having our H.U.G.S. (Help Unite Give Serve) outreach to help increase the visibility of the school during their “Back to School Night”.

This is a great opportunity for the school to receive added exposures; people to learn the whereabouts of Anatola Avenue Elementary School. Also to help Marinello Schools of Beauty students to receive potential clienteles, adding training to complete the cosmetology hours required; an exciting way for every guest to know their services. Our event will be attended by 500 parents and 500 students; giving everyone the chance for recognition in our local community; working together to make a difference in people’s lives and help to support a worthy cause.


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Time surely flies fast these days and the opening of school is already here. Apparently, some of the children are still without school supplies and it’s quite discouraging for any child to attend their class every day empty handed. No child should be left behind…

We serve K-12 students in public schools that come from different socio-economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds, locally and internationally. Approximately, 85% of the students are under TITLE 1; identified as educationally at- risk in failing standard performance tests in mathematics, reading, writing. Each year, our YOUNG DREAMERS has a rule that EVERY CHILD counts! Locally and internationally, we work closely along side with principals, teachers, social workers, parents, volunteers and missionaries to identify the areas where we can better serve the students in need.

As of April 2013 to date,we had turned the key and kept our engine running on our annual school supplies drive this year. Proudly, despite the limited resources we received, ROMAH Foundation, Inc. was able to provide assistance to over 600 K-12 underprivileged students here in Los Angeles as well as in the Philippines. Last week, we adopted 3 local schools in San Fernando Valley areas such as Anatola Avenue Elementary School, Parthenia Street Elementary School and Sharp Elementary School.

Irene Sibrian, HR, Panorama City

We are so grateful to our donors for their on-going gifts and contributions; many students were provided with basic educational tools such as backpacks writing pads, pencil cases filled with crayons, glues, scissors, pencil sharpeners, packs of pencils, ink pens, erasers and more.  These maybe few and simple things but quite essential for a life-long child educational development.

Our special thanks and appreciation to Walmart, Bishop Stewart,Victor Sykes of Slim Body Bootcamp, Johnny Reed, Karla Sanchez, Shideh Afshar, Michelle & Richard Williams, Richard & Sumana Chea, Domie Quintana, Anthony Leiva, and many more …

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