Grant A Wish – 4th Year

We have seen tons of commercials and ads showing that underprivileged children needed some form of help. We have seen all the tears in their eyes and the blank hopeless stares on their faces; waiting on something. Too many times we look at the images of these children and say, “oh, that’s sad” and that’s about the extent of what most people do. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself this one simple question…“What if this was your child?”

What if…your child had to walk several miles every day through rough roads and dangerous terrain without proper shoes to wear or have no shoes to protect her feet. Imagine your child making this long journey everyday not knowing if they will return home safely at all?

What would you feel if…you are watching other children having fun painting their artwork with all the tools and supplies around them and the completed piece displayed on the refrigerator wall by their parents, while, your child have only their tiny fingers to use for a brush to paint and the dirt ground as canvas?

What if…your child grows up wanting to learn or dreaming to be a doctor, a lawyer or a teacher but you do not have the means to advance her education? Would you not want to ask anyone for help?

Next week, on March 21, 2013 our ROMAH’s founder Ruth Ann Stewart and Vice-President Bishop Stewart, the power couple, will be heading out together for the first time in the Philippines to facilitate their 4th Annual YOUNG DREAMERS Scholarship and Sponsorship Program. Their one month mission trip will be focused in selecting 250 students that needs educational assistance living in the remote rural areas & indigenous communities in Negros and Panay islands. Another important part of this outreach is to find several more location for the expansion and maintenance of our Daycare Centers. During which we plan to also incorporate our feeding programs.

Their remarks were, “There’s a sense of urgency when it comes to providing help in those destitute areas. For mission-driven people like us, it is our pleasure to go out into the field and find children who longed for our support. We raise as much funds as we possibly can so we can be more of a blessing to people. Also, throughout the year we consistently collect and receive a wide variety of things from food, brand new to slightly used items, toys, shoes and other apparels and much more. We love to give! Imagine the surprise of how each little thing that you might think of as useless, such as unwrapped crayon, or hand-me-down backpack always turns to be an ultimate luxury for any child in need.”

“These amazing YOUNG DREAMERS taught us not to take anything for granted as so many of us often do unknowingly. We’ve learned in our travels and experiences to treasure any items, to find value in it and not to throw them away, instead, to put it into good use. Who knows, the simplest thing could be an important asset for a child’s learning development. Our goal is to make sure that we equip these children with school essentials. It might not be much but is a start, this way,they don’t have to worry about “going without”.

“We believe that with all the wealth in the world today, no child should have to worry about anything in life. We all know it is really a damper on any parent not being able to provide basic necessities for their children. Our success comes from seeing those big smiles on these precious young faces. Now, that truly is a cheerful picture to carry in our hearts and minds every day!”

Grant a wish and make a child’s dream to come true. Your support is a vital resource to enhance the core foundation of an early childhood development!

DOWNLOAD: 4th Annual Young Dreamers Program

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