3rd Annual H.U.G.S. Event – Sept. 3rd, Labor Day Weekend

UPCOMING EVENT – Woodley Park (Van Nuys, CA)

H.U.G.S. (Help, Unite, Give, Serve) Project is our yearly outreach program that provides a hopeful solution to the many problems facing poor families in our communities, especially in the midst of economic depression. This one amazing day event will consist of neighboring vendors offering their services through job fairs, children’s games and activities with school supplies giveaways, family affairs, picnic at the park, vaccines, food/grocery distributions, beauty and grooming, spiritual and personal development aspects, prizes and raffle drawings, live entertainment (live bands, poetry, dancing, etc), and much more.

Working together, we can make a difference in the lives of these people and the future of our local communities. Every aspect of our program initiative have been carefully crafted to cultivate all the contributing factors necessary in achieving a great, well-balanced and sound community around us.

3rd Annual H.U.G.S. Event Screenshot

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