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ROMAH Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible. All donations help to aid children, families, and communities in need especially to the recent victims of natural disasters.


RuthAnn, ROMAH's founder, distributing relief goods in Haiti Earthquake 2010

“My actual fieldwork is about to begin. There are five more days left until our team depart for our “Life In Waiting: Disaster Relief Outreach for Typhoon Haiyan” to the Philippines. A bulk of mixed emotions are beginning to sink through; awaiting to physically witness the tragic and disastrous situation of the people that we are about to serve. So far away, safe and sound from the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, it makes me appreciate life and the people I know around even more each day.

I would take this as perfect moment to thank everyone for their generosity towards our cause. I am so grateful for the flow of contributions that we received from all of our donors since the conception of this project. In the height of this recent catastrophe, it fattens my heart to see that even mere strangers come together, willing to help others in whatever means possible. Witnessing all of the despair from the tragedy; a different effect takes shape, knowing that people truly do care for one another, it makes life worth living. However, the emergent need of the people is overwhelming and more problems continue to arise on a daily basis. Although the donations keep on pouring each day our resources are still insufficient to cover the needs of the survivors from the most recent deadly typhoon.

Haiti Earthquake 2010

We continue to request any amount of donation from everyone to support our “LIFE IN WAITING” Disaster Relief Outreach efforts. Your contribution will provide the victims and their families with basic essential needs such as food, water and many more basic needs. We strongly believe that working together will expedite the positive changes among the people who survived this tragedy. Your contribution with our field work is an opportunity that transforms the attitudes, save lives, serve families, revive hopes; a significant life-time positive impact on everyone who gets involve!”
– Ruth Ann Stewart, Founder
November 14, 2013


“Life In Waiting”
By: Ruth Ann J. Stewart

It’s a prolonged agony at heart
It’s a test of faith
It’s an urgent call for help
It’s a desperate hope
It’s a dream yet to come true
It’s a true essence of patience
It’s a matter of discipline
It’s a reflection of trust
It’s a lesson to persevere


Please mail your donation check or money order payable to ROMAH FOUNDATION, INC. to this address:

PO Box 18521
Encino, California USA 91416

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