Project History

LIFE IN WAITING PROGRAM (Natural Disasters Relief)

1st EMERGENCY RELIEF ASSISTANCE (Van Nuys, California) Jun/2008
We initiated our 1st Emergency Relief Assistance to Typhoon Frank disaster in the areas of Visayas, Philippines. We collected non-perishable food items, canned goods, clothing and other basic essential needs to aid victims.

1st DISASTER RELIEF MISSION TRIP (Visayas, Philippines) Sept/2008
We set out for our 1st outreach mission to aid Typhoon Frank victims in various affected
areas of Panay and Negros Island, provided aid to calamity victims (estimated 400 families).

2nd EMERGENCY RELIEF ASSISTANCE (Luzon, Philippines) Nov/2009
We had a joined venture with PEDRO (Philippine Emergency Disaster Relief Organization) in our efforts to provide immediate aid and relief to victims affected by TYPHOON ONDOY as it continued to bring flood hazards in many major cities in Luzon, Philippines.

3rd EMERGENCY RELIEF ASSISTANCE (Van Nuys, California) Jan/2010
We initiated our 3rd FOOD DRIVE event to assist Haitian American Food Bank in their efforts to collect emergency relief items and other immediate basic essentials needs of people in catastrophic earthquake in Haiti.

2nd DISASTER RELIEF MISSION TRIP (Port Au Prince, Haiti) Mar/2010
Set out on a mission outreach in response to the massive earthquake disaster in Haiti. Provided relief assistance to people in collaboration with Haitian American Food Bank; distributed relief items to various camp sites and orphanages in Haiti.

YOUNG DREAMERS PROGRAM (Underprivileged Children)

1st VOLUNTEER EDUCATION PROJECT (Pacoima, California) May/2009
We began our 1st volunteer works and services at Sharp Elementary School for K-6 students, assisted children in reading, writing and other educational learning advancement needs in school.

1ST SCHOLARSHIP & SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM (Visayas, Philippines) May-Jun/2010
We launched our 1st international Scholarship and Sponsorship Program in education. Supported 100 underprivileged elementary children (Primary Education), provided school supplies to children in various rural and urban areas and initiated rehabilitation process of the 3 story multi-purposed Youth Formation Center-Crisis Center in Negros Occidental, Philippines.

2ND SCHOLARSHIP & SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM (Visayas, Philippines) May-Jun/2011
Began selection process and enrollment of student for our 2nd Year educational sponsorship program, increased number of student sponsorships, provided school supplies to 250 students (pre-school, K-College). We expanded the program covering various rural areas in Visayan Region of the Philippines. Established our 1st Daycare Center (27 students 3-6years old), assisted the Children’s Ministry of Servants of the Divine Mercy Community, supported efforts in providing various activities for children, organized parents and promoted active participation in the process of implementing scholarship and sponsorship program.


PROJECT OBSERVATION STAGE (Negros Occidental, Philippines) Sept/2008
We made our initial project feasibility and observation process, we involved our mission to scope out the area for the future proposed Development of PermaCulture Project in the municipal town of Himamaylan, Negros Occidental.

PREPARATORY/REHABILITATION (Negros Occidental, Philippines) Nov/2010-Feb/2011
We initiated the development of “ Palasilungan” Living and Learning Center: Sustainable PermaCulture Community program, began rehabilitation of the area in the 5 hectares land began plantation of basic food crops, vegetables, herb garden, covered perimeters with lumbers tress, fruit trees, fenced the prime area with barb wire to protect new growth of biodiversity, initiated Poverty Alleviation Support Services Program by breeding farm animals (goats, sheep, chickens, and hogs).

H.U.G.S. (Help Unite Give Serve)

1st COMMUNITY OUTREACH (San Fernando Valley, California) Jun-Jul/2009
We organized our 1st local FOOD DRIVE Distribution to benefit struggling families, homeless individuals, various churches and food banks affected by the economic recession.

1st CHARITY ASSISTANCE: (North Hollywood, California) Sept/2009
We orchestrated a fund raising event to benefit BEAUTY FOR ASHES MINISTRIES in our efforts to help abused women and children in the community.

2nd CHARITY ASSISTANCE (Van Nuys, California) Sept/2009
Assisted the 1st annual project of RECESSION PROOF, a church-base group in their efforts to provide food school supplies outreach and uplift the spirits and hopes of struggling families, unemployed individuals, homeless, underprivileged children in our community.

3rd CHARITY ASSISTANCE (Van Nuys, California) Aug/2010
Our 2nd annual community outreach event with RECESSION PROOF in collaboration with local church. Provided children, families and homeless individuals with grocery food items and school supplies (benefitted 500 recipients).

2nd COMMUNITY OUTREACH (Van Nuys, California) Sept/2011
We had our 3rd annual HUGS community service to aid people who were living in destitute situations during down economy. We provided fresh produce and grocery food items to struggling families and homeless individuals. Also gave away school supplies to underprivileged children (1000 recipients).

4th CHARITY ASSISTANCE (Los Angeles, California) Sept/2011
Provided assistance to FOOD FORWARD, in collecting surplus of fresh produce by “fruit picking” in the community, servicing various FOOD BANKS to alleviate poverty among families.

5th CHARITY ASSISTANCE (Los Angeles, California) Oct/2011
Raise funds and Toy Drive to uplift ailing children in hospitals and promote hopes in the lives of street children in surrounding METRO MANILA PHILIPPINES.

6th CHARITY ASSISTANCE (Laurel Canyon, California) Nov/2011
Provided assistance to HIKE IT UP, an organization that brings communities and families together by producing progressive events and fundraisers that involve community based activities and improvement projects that serve youth, family, individual, environmental, and school-based programs. During this event, personally cooked meals were served to 200 individuals with special needs from mentally and physically challenged capabilities.

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