Charity Projects


Young DreamersROMAH (Renew Our Minds and Hearts) Foundation, Inc. launched our program called “YOUNG DREAMERS”, to secure a better future for each child, by focusing on a sustainable, community-based transformation. The goal of the Young Dreamers program is to implement relief strategies to care for young children physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We provide a Scholarship and Sponsorship Programs to address the educational inadequacy among underprivileged children. We also assist in building Day Care centers with feeding programs to remedy our concerns of the countless numbers of homeless, unschooled, malnourished children of the world that are scattered, lost, hungry and unsafe. [previous projects]


Our permaculture program is geared towards the development of a self- sustaining community to alleviate our concerns with poverty. Our program assists farmers and families by bringing traditional and natural agricultural processes to their communities. Our goal is to develop their own sustainable home and farm lots, empowering them to obtain access to a surplus of food supplies, economic opportunities and health care.

This program is also an educational program designed to provide preventative measures against environmental deterioration in our biodiversity due to constant natural disasters (floods, typhoons, earthquakes and human influences). We partner with global and domestic individuals and communities while consistently evaluating and maintaining a firm understanding of current agriculture needs ensuring the development and survival of nature and mankind. [previous projects]

H.U.G.S. (Help, Unite, Give, Serve)

We believe in the positive effect of our H.U.G.S. projects and the impact through missionary and faith based program. We are confident in “faith at work” as it plays a vital role in improving our way of life. Our program promotes the fundamentals of family values. Our aim is to bring the spirit of hope through our missionary and volunteer work to preserve and enhance cultural, physical, social, economic, and spiritual needs of individuals, families, and the community. We currently assist in global mission work programs dedicated through a variety of local and international community outreach especially to aid the needs of the poor.
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LIFE IN WAITING (Natural Disasters Relief)

ROMAH Foundation, Inc. responds to any emergency situations and provides basic essential needs to victims of the natural disasters. (Typhoon, Flood, Fire, Earthquake, etc). Our first disaster relief project entitled, “Life in Waiting” began in July 2008. “Life In Waiting” was developed to assist victims effected by sudden catastrophic disasters. Our goal is to provide care and comfort to suffering and displaced children, women and families. [previous projects]

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