Perfect Gifts!

Christmas day is almost here and we didn’t have a single present wrapped. My husband Donald Bishop Stewart and I sadly thought that ROMAH will not be able to give Christmas gifts away to children this year at all. However, these sayings keep on reminding us – “Lean not on your understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path”…” Ask and it will be given”…Together,we continued trusting God for His miracles to come.

He never failed us.

Two days ago we had a surprise call from CHILDREN’s HUNGER FUND to pick up some toys from their warehouse. Overall, we received 2000 pieces of TY beany babies stuff toys! The best part of it all was that all of the donated toys were already neatly wrapped.

Now, we are very excited and could not wait to see the smiles painted on the faces of many “YOUNG DREAMERS” as we hand them their gifts. We already delivered and distributed hundreds of toys to several churches, underprivileged children’s community centers, foster homes, other charitable ministries and many more. We will be visiting several homeless shelters on Christmas eve too! We are so grateful for all the unexpected donations provided to us not only this holiday season but throughout this whole year. Today, we continue to celebrate this special occasion with joy. We are also reminded everyday that Christ’s birth is the Perfect Gift of all. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a blessed NEW YEAR to everyone!

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