A Deadly Disaster Smashed Philippines,Twice In A Row!!!

No words can describe the tragedy that just happened to the central islands of the Philippines a few days ago. Death tolls is increasing by the day. The people are in complete distress for losing their family members, at a loss for not having any shelter and desperate with out food and water. This world record Typhoon Haiyan also known as Typhoon Yolanda brought so much devastation;  it is beyond measures!

Many of the US immigrants here and more people around the world are immensely worried and religiously praying that their families and relatives are still alive and safe. We could only imagine the intense fears and anxieties that everyone is going through especially not knowing what the current whereabouts of their families especially in places such as Leyte and in many other the neighboring islands. What a turmoil it must be for those who also went through the 7.2 magnitude earthquake a few weeks ago. People are still bracing themselves out of that calamity and here comes another calamity, far worst the first one.

ROMAH Foundation, Inc. is scheduled to go on our “LIFE IN WAITING: Disaster Relief Mission” on November 19, 2013. We are urgently seeking your support and assistance to aid the victims of these deadly disaster.

Please click DONATE to send your contribution to our cause. You may also send your tax-deductible donation to: ROMAH Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 18521 Encino, California 91416

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