We began our charitable works in May 2008 by collecting and distributing “Emergency Disaster Relief” to various affected areas. Our missionary outreach broadened and our ability to serve the people expanded to new projects. Part of our goal to create renewed minds and hearts is focused among underprivileged and malnourished children, women in crisis, struggling families and impoverish communities.

We strive to address illiteracy issues among underprivileged children; to combat food insecurities and improve economic instability in remote rural communities; create a sustainable agricultural way of life for indigenous people; restore deteriorating biodiversity by providing preventative measures against environmental deterioration; and to be active responders to any local and international emergency situations and natural disasters.

Today, our projects consist of providing educational scholarship and sponsorship programs, developing Permaculture projects, providing Day Care Centers, helping various community outreach, and organizing disaster relief missions.

ROMAH Foundation Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible.

Welcome to ROMAH Foundation, Inc.

Describing “hardships” is not something anyone can easily explain. It is one of those things that you have to experience to understand. Today’s economy is quite overwhelming for everyone. Life’s challenges keep coming and they never get dull. During this difficult time, many people abandon their sense of hope and the will to survive.

There are so many things that we can do to overcome life’s troubles. Helping others can be a challenge especially in the mission field. Often people and or situations do not always need help in the way people think they do.

Every day, life teaches each of us so many valuable lessons. We must realize the true essence of “giving with care” and “putting to heart” the results of our help, rather than giving aid for the sake of doing a charitable act. In some ways, it is our mere presence and not simply the things we give that people value the most.

Let it be a reminder, a responsible giver always plants a seed of hope in good soil for greater harvest! Our ultimate goal is to manifest the true essence—that is to serve, protect, give and renew one’s self, and the environment around us. We encourage you to join in our efforts to make a difference! Great things happen when we care…

Thank you for visiting Romah Foundation, Inc. online.

–Ruth Ann Jardinaso
Founder & President

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